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We introduce the first opportunity to see the complex supramolecular structure such as a virus in a virtual reality 3D animation format. The animation is based on a full scientifically accurate 3D model of the Zika virion at the atomic level of detail based on recently published scientific data and our own computational biology simulations.

The animation can be best viewed using the Google cardboard or VR glasses like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus devices, HTC vive. Or it can be viewed on YouTube in a 360 degrees mode without any additional devices. You can look around at any moment just by clicking and dragging over the animation. In all cases be aware to select full quality 2160s 4K in thу right-bottom corner of youtube player window.

This is part of our Viral Park project of the scientifically accurate virus model, including HIV, Ebola, and others. The animation describes the Zika structure and demonstrates the whole virion, the virion with the part of the surface removed and the individual proteins of the virus along with the RNA and lipid membrane fragments. Virtual reality provides a unique opportunity for the viewer to become a part of the microworld and see the complicated supramolecular structures in atomic resolution. All environment was made to scale creates the feeling of diving into a microworld.

  • Project author and supervisor, 3D-visualizator and technologist:
    Ivan Konstantinov
  • Science consultant, texts author, 3D-modeler assistant, animator:
    Yury Stefanov, PhD
  • Head molecular modeler:
    Anastasia Bakulina, PhD, Novosibirsk State University
  • Molecular modeler:
    Dmitri Scherbinin, PhD
  • 3D-modeler:
    Alex Kovalevsky
  • Corrector:
    Amy Gordon
We highly recommend Visual Science as an upstanding, reliable, creative organization with superb scientific expertise.
Nicole Sender
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (US)