Human adenovirus
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This plastic model of the human adenovirus is made to the scale of 5,000,000:1 and strictly in accordance with the scientific information available on the virus structure. The diameter of the model is 45 cm. The model is based on the published cryo EM and X-ray analysis data.

All protein structures in the model reflect real shapes of the viral proteins. Parts of the proteins that are not yet solved by X-ray crystallography were reconstructed using molecular modelling methods. To develop this model the Visual Science team consulted with experts in adenovirus structure working at universities and laboratories in Madrid, Michigan, San-Diego and Hong Kong. The plastic model was created for the State Darwin museum of natural history in Moscow, Russia. The work was supported by the Dynasty foundation.

State Darwin museum is the largest natural history museum in Europe. It was founded more than a hundred years ago and now is specializing on biology, evolution theory and earth sciences.

The Dynasty Foundation is the first private nonprofit foundation supporting science and education in modern Russia. It was founded by Dmitry Zimin and now is managed by a Board of Directors, who make decisions about strategic development and set the Foundation’s priorities.

  • Project author and supervisor, 3D-visualizator and technologist:
    Ivan Konstantinov
  • Science consultant, texts:
    Yury Stefanov, PhD
  • Senior molecular modeller:
    Anastasia Bakulina, PhD
  • 3D-modeling:
    Alex Kovalevsky
  • 3D-modeler:
    Alex Kovalevsky
  • Web-technologists:
    Kirill Grishanin, Gleb Kondratenko
  • Corrector:
    Amy Gordon

Visual Science whant to thank Drs. Carmen San Martin from Spanish National Center of Biotechnology in Madrid, Michael J. Imperiale from University of Michigan Health System, Vijay Reddy from the Scripps University and Hong Zhou from the University of California in Los-Angeles for the useful communication.

Their superb images are great in accuracy and splendid in design. The virus and antibody pictures are a highlight of our book.
Prof. Reinhard Renneberg
Springer, HKUST (Hon Kong)