Visual Science CEO Ivan Konstantinov is going to make a talk on the 17th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction on the 28th of November. Topic of the presentation is modern technologies in the illustration of the scientific and technical literature. Ivan Konstantinov, the CEO of the Visual Science company made a presentation on the “Open Innovations” forum in Moscow. The talk was a part of the five striking 10-minute technology startup presentations, delivered by five of the day’s most impressive young teams. Successful work of the Visual Science company was mentioned in the publication by Julia Shakhnovskaya, the director in Polytechnic Museum in Moscow. Visual Science took part in the international conference on new educational technologies EdCrunch. The list of the conference speakers included Anant Agarwal (president of EdX), Dafne Coller (co-founder of Coursera) and Arkady Dvorkovich (deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation). Ivan Konstantionv, the director of Visual Science company took part in the panel discussion “Promoting Science: Forms and Practices”. TEDx project published a video of the talk that was given by Ivan Konstantinov, the CEO of the Visual Science company. Visual Science designed a set of educational posters that depict macromolecules ( immunoglobulin, G-quadruplex in DNA, endorphin, collagen, botulinum toxin ) and viral particles (HIV and adenovirus). Short texts about each structure help to learn more about their properties and functions. Posters were demonstrated on the “Biology and Medicine Day” — a science festival for children and their parents, that was organized by the Smart Moscow company. A new DNA plastic model made in a ball-and-stick representation. New materials about Visual Science company got published in Russian media: broadcast on “Kommersant FM”, short video at the end of the “Russia 1” morning show and the interview in the “Kommersant Dengi” magazine. Visual Science created an animation about the new generation electronic textbooks that are developed by the Prosveshcheniye Publishers. This publishing house is one of the top-60 world companies in this sphere according to Publishers Weekly. It creates more than 1000 books and booklets per year and the total circulation is around 63,5 millions of copies.